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How to Avoid Your Friends While Playing Tag

Have you ever been playing tag with your friends on the game, and you just can't win? It's hard to hide on HI, because they can map you and then pinpoint your location with the list of nearby players. That's why this page was created--so that you can go somewhere that they hopefully can't, and learn some good techniques for playing tag.

When you're playing tag, you can avoid your friends in a couple of different cool ways.
#1. Walk into a store, a house, or a ranch. They can't get you there, and then you can stay for a couple minutes while they get bored, and then suddenly leap out and run away. It will give you a head start.
#2. Go somewhere where there are a lot of ranches all bunched together, like Starfish Isle or Horse Isle . Run through them, and try not to go into any. Your friends will probably keep on walking into them, and they will be stuck for a few seconds while it loads.
#3. Stay in one place and go back and forth. Wait for them to get near you. As soon as they are on the same spot as you, or right before they are, move one space to the left or right. Then, after a second, they will follow you. That's when you move back the other way again. Just keep on moving back and forth between two spots.
#4. Find a hiding place. I know of a couple good ones: For example, in Witherton, if you finish the necessary quests, you can go inside the willow tree, or go into the water just below the bridge. Try and find some more good ones.