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Here, we will post info on all the isles. They are in alphabetical order. If there is a * next too a resident's name, that means that they are a wandering character. (See glossary for Wandering Character)

Christmas Isle

Name: Christmas Isle

Location: Attached to Snow Isle by a bridge

Mini-Games: Snowy Sleigh Ride, Ice Sculpture #2

Residents: Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, Dilly Chilly the Elf, Jilly Chilly the Elf, Reindeer*

Towns/Communities: None

Terrain: Snow

Vegetation: Christmas Trees

Directions: Take a boat from Earton to Snow Isle, then either walk or take a wagon over.

Notes: Christmas Isle is where you can find holiday cheer. Santa and Mrs. Claus are ususally busy, but you can wrap items from your inventory into presents. These presents can be given out and unwrapped.