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Money is one of the most important parts of the game. You need money to care for horses, buy tack, feed yourself, and travel. If you have no money, it's hard to play. So, how do you earn it? On this page, we've listed a number of different ways.

#1: Collecting

As you may have noticed, there are lots of items lying on the ground for you to grab. Wherever you are, you can almost always find things. Here are some examples:

  • Gems: These are found only in sandy areas, and they come in many varieties (topaz, ruby, diamond, pearl, small gem, etc.) Depending on the stone, they can be very valuable or pretty cheap. These can be sold at rock shops.
  • Feathers: These are found in grass. There are only two main kinds, the plain black ones and peacock feathers. These can be sold at general stores or to a girl who lives deep in the forest on Saddle Isle. They are not usually worth a lot at general stores, but the girl on Saddle Isle will pay a bit more for them.
  • Plants: There are many types of plants. They are only found in grassy areas, and they are usually never worth much. They include mushrooms, four-leaf clovers, dandelions, and similar types. Some grow on bushes and in fields, so you can see them easily, like cotton, berries, and cattails. All of these can be sold at general stores, and some can be sold at flower shops.
  • Companions: Every once in a while, you may find a horse companion on the ground. Each companion is located in a different area; parrots are found in the jungle, butterflies are found on flower isle, rats are found on Prison Isle, and so on. These can be used or sold for a couple thousand dollars each at pet shops.

#2: Pony Express

The pony express is a mail delivery system that delivers packages to characters, and they need you to deliver them. The Post General will give you a new package every time you visit, and if you deliver it to the right person, they will give you a reward. You can usually earn a couple thousand for each package, and sometimes you even get an item, like a companion or necklace. The station is found in between the two sides of mane forest, near the beach. It's very close to the pawneer and the horse whisperer on Horse Isle.

#3: Questing

Questing is the most important part of the game. Characters pretty much exist for the sole purpose of giving out quests. Every character has at least one eventually, and the rewards depend on how easy they are. If it's a hard quest, you get a higher reward. If it's easier, you get a lower reward. Ask any character if they have any odd jobs to do, or just have a long chat and it usually ends in a quest. Quest help is posted under the Quests page on this site.

#4: Treasures

Treasures can be found in many different places. There are probably more treasures that you realize. There are some listed under the Treasures page on this site.

#5: Mini-games

Mini-games are found all over. There's tons of them, and they range from things like barrel racing to doing math problems. You can always earn something from them (except for the sheep game in Santon), whether you get a money reward or an item for your inventory.

#6: Competitions

Although you can't usually earn a lot from competing, it's still fun and winning earns you money. There are multiple types:
  • Simple Jumping
  • Advanced Jumping
  • Racing
  • Dressage
Each one is different. Try them out to see which one you like best and your horse is best at!
(You can see some pictures in the photos page)